We're getting ready for International Gruit Day 2018: Thursday, Feb. 1! Are you interested in participating? Breweries and homebrewers  are welcome to partake! Email info@gruitday.com. Stay tuned for further details as they're unveiled.

About Gruit Day:

Since 2013, craft brewers with an interest in making gruit ales have banded together to mark February 1 as International Gruit Day. The day is intended to pay homage to the historical traditions of brewing with botanicals.

In the name of International Gruit Day, brewers often get exotic, or tap into their local brewing terroir for inspiration. Gruits provide craft brewers a new opportunity to truly innovate. In turn, IGD is an opportunity for craft beer fans to discover something new and exciting – maybe even something exclusive. Together, brewers and fans alike may benefit from the collective inspiration of the global craft brewing community. 

In addition to IGD's founding craft brewery, Beau's Brewing Co., past participants have included Alma Brewing, Arbor Brewing Co., Bicycle Craft Brewery, Brasseurs du Monde, Brauerei Becker, Cambridge Brewing, Cassel Brewery, Church Key Brewing, Country Boy Brewing, Dominion City Brewing, Dry Dock Brewing Co., Earth Eagle Brewings, Earth Bread + Brewery, F&M Brewing, Haliburton Highlands Brewing, Kamala Brewing at the Whip In, Magnolia Brewery, Manantler Craft Brewing, Moody Ales, Mountain Town Brewing Co., The Mystic Brewery, New Belgium Brewing, Odyssey Beerwerks, Pump House Brewery, Refined Fool Brewing, Rock Art Brewery, Schlafly Beer, Schmohz Brewing, soLArc Brewing, Unity Vibration, Vintage Brewing Co., Wellington Brewery, Zero Gravity and more.

Have a look at the February 1, 2017 roster here.

Check out a short story by a gruit homebrewer here.

The hashtag #GruitDay generated 2,652,446 Twitter impressions in 2017 (almost double that of the previous year) leading up to the big moment: an international social media "Cheers!" to the style on Feb. 1.

I'm a brewer, how can I participate in #gruitday?

The international group of botanical brewers would love for your brewery to join in and brew up a gruit for Thursday, February 1, 2018 to celebrate the fifth annual International Gruit Day. You will be supplied with International Gruit Day poster art and digital logo. You will also benefit from the promotion of your brewery's participation via Beau's social and traditional media channels – and those of the other awesome participating breweries.

Beau's will promote your brewery’s participation on its social and traditional media leading up to IGD 2017, as well as supply you with a) IGD poster art, b) IGD digital logo, and c) a template of a letter to send to your local government asking them to recognize Feb. 1 as International Gruit Day in your region (we were successful in making this request ourselves!)

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch. All are welcome! Please email info@gruitday.com if you have any questions or ideas, or to confirm your participation. This website will be updated with the 2017 roster of participating breweries and descriptions of their gruit ales. 


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Attn Brewers:

We may be able to help you source some brewing herbs through our supplier connections. Drop us a line at info@gruitday to inquire.