Things to Consider in a Bed Set to Have Better Sleep

We need eight hours of sleep for a functioning healthy body. It has been a fact. Going to bed early and sleep enough should be our healthy goal. But how do we achieve this goal? The first target surely should be our bed. Not only because we sleep there, but it’s something we have control over, unlike work, chores, or stress.

The bedding system is not only about mattress and blanket. There’s more than that, especially if you want to bask in the luxury comfort after a long day. To make everything easier for you, we have come up with a list.

thing to buy for bedding set
What you need for a bedding set?

Are you on a budget?

When it comes to shopping, we have to be mindful of the wallet. Even if you aren’t on a tight budget, it would be awful if we ended up spending too much and still not getting what we truly needed!

First of all, putting a bed frame with a headboard is less costly than going for a full one. Secondly, for the mattress, shopping at brand stores might be more expensive than purchasing things from online shops.

The mattress and the supplementary layers

The mattress

The vedette in your bedroom. It might be the biggest investment as well. If you have a bed partner, you will have to discuss with them about the size, the material, and the softness level.

Full and twin sizes are usually a few inches shorter than the queen size, so you might have to consider your height. Do you need softness and comfort, or support and firmness for your body? The material and the density will help you to decide.

The mattress topper

Mistakes happen. What if you bought the mattress and then realized it wasn’t the best for you? Before you go through the hassle of replacing it (with additional fees or not), we recommend using a mattress topper.

There are soft and firm toppers, and they will fix the uncomfortableness your wrong choice causes. It will prolong the prime time of your mattress and enhance your sleep experience. But, be informed that no topper can fix a sagging mattress.

mattress topper
A topper on top of mattress add more comfort to your bed

The bedsheets

It’s optional but highly recommended for many reasons. We don’t want to leave our costly mattress and topper exposed and unprotected. With the modern technology in use, you can easily find the perfect bed sheets that will add a touch of elegance to your room and protect the layers below from allergens, dust mites, and spills.

The blanket or the comforter

We suggest a combo of comforter and cover instead of 2-in-1. Whenever you have the chance to choose a removable cover, don’t hesitate to snatch it! It makes cleaning much easier. Besides, the separate comforters are usually more comforting and remarkably thicker.

So, do you want to sleep completely warm with a little weight keeping your body fixed, or is it better if the comforter is light and not too warm? You also need to make sure you aren’t allergic to the fill of the comforter. It all depends on your body and the weather where you live.

Your bed will look more sophisticated if you know how to play with the blanket! Are you into the elegant hotel look? Fold it at the foot of the bed. How about showing the gorgeous bed sheets? You can pull it all up or halfway.

The topping of the set

The pillows and the cases

The pillows will support your head and neck, hence, it should be high-quality. The cases embracing them will contribute to the aesthetics of your bedding system and maintain the nice condition of your hair. You’ve heard it right! If the material of the cases is not suitable for you, you might sweat at night and wake up with an unpleasant smell.

These items are the first things that meet the eyes. We need them to match the bedsheets in style and color. They will determine the tone of the bedroom. Would it be red and passionate, or creamy and dreamy? You’re free to be creative with the pattern, the texture, and the design.

Last saying

It’s unexplainably satisfying to slip between comfy layers of a warm comforter and a smooth sheet, and that great feeling only comes if you are willing to invest both time and money. A perfect bedsheet will promise peaceful sleep and a healthy body in the long run.

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Get Healthy: Sleep is an Important Part of Good Health

Most people think sleep is not that important. After all, you aren’t really doing anything while you’re asleep, right? Wrong. The time you spend sleeping is when your body takes care of repair and maintenance that keeps you healthy and functioning at your best.

sleep well - live healthy
Sleep well helps you stay healthy

Lack of sleep has been associated with a number of health problems, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression.

Furthermore, being drowsy is a contributor to many injuries, including motor vehicle accidents.

For most adults, eight hours of sleep is ideal. Young people need even more. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 10 to 11 hours of sleep each day for school-age children, including naps.

If this seems like a lot to you, you aren’t alone. It is estimated that 25 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep.

So what should you do if you aren’t getting enough sleep, or if you’re having trouble sleeping? You could try counting sheep, but the CDC has the following tips:

  1. Have a fixed sleep routine. Make sure you go to bed at the same time each night and set alarm to wake up at the fixed time each morning.
  2. Make sure your bedroom is a quiet, dark, cool and relaxing which becomes a place you want to relax.
  3. Keep your bed is comfortable, using good mattress and mattress topper to maximize comfort, and use your bedroom only for sleeping and not for any other activities.
  4. Physical activity may help promote sleep, but remember not to exercise within a few hours of bedtime. You need your body to cool down before bedtime.
  5. Avoid large meals before bedtime, try not to eat anything 2 hours before sleep time.

If you still are having trouble sleeping, it may be time to talk with your physician and see if there could be another reason why you are unable to sleep. Some medical conditions, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, could be the reason behind your restless nights.

Lack of sleep can affect your mood and your ability to function during the day. If you find yourself tired or drowsy, try adjusting your schedule to make more time for sleep. Sleep is an important part of good health, and you deserve to get a good night’s rest.

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Top Benefits of Sleeping Early

When we were children, the adults always urged us to hit the bed early. If we questioned, they would explain how sleep helps kids to grow physically and improve mentally. Then why did they (and now we) never follow the same routine? We might have thought adults are stronger and whatnot. But it’s nothing like that. Adults simply have more duties to fulfill and less time for themselves.

Sleeping early is important whether you are a fully grown person or a teenager. The benefits of it are beyond imagination. Let’s check them out!


Sleep Early – Benefits for Health

Protect the heart

Sufficient sleep puts our bodies at ease and lowers blood pressure. It’s crucial, considering how many people suffer heart attacks and, consequently, strokes due to the high pressure of the blood in their veins.

Reduce the risk of cancer

A piece of research from WHO (World Health Organization) showed that people who have night shifts face the risk of having their body’s clock interfered and exposed to carcinogens. Those who sleep too late at night also have higher chances of suffering from chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We need 7 – 8 hours of sleep per day but not many of us manage to do this.

Energy boost

It’s a given that a nice sleep makes us feel refreshed and energized. When you fail to sleep soundly, you end up tired and tardy, and bad moods affect your relationship with others heavily.

During sleep, your body goes through different processes for muscle growth, hormones production, tissue repair. It recharges your energy and restores what you have lost after a long day.

Benefits of Sleeping Early

Improve the immune system

People lacking sleep for a long time are likely to have a weaker immune system, which means they will easily catch a cold, fall sick, and worse.

Physical Benefits of Sleeping Early

Improvement in skin conditions

Every beauty regime will advise you to go to bed early and let the body repair itself during the night. Poor sleep speeds up the aging process and gives you more wrinkles that no cosmetic can cover up. And of course, the bags under your eyes.

Control body weight

We usually pay too much attention to the exercises and the types of food we munch on. We overlook the role of sleep. Insufficient sleep incites the secretion of cortisol (a hormone for appetite). Exercises then won’t be as efficient as you want if you persist to sleep late because you will constantly feel the need to eat.

A few nights in a row would be enough to mess your metabolism up. Consecutive months would promote obesity. And, let’s be honest, we won’t have the energy to exercise if we are exhausted from the lack of sleep!

Mental Benefits


With a healthy body and nice skin, you obviously will feel more attractive. You are not wrong!

Relieve stress and anxiety

If you had a white night, you would start the day with grumpiness and annoyance. After a long time, the sleeplessness becomes insomnia and results in severe outbreaks of sadness, anger, and negative emotions. With so much weight on your system, you can imagine it getting more awful as time passes by and gradually turning into depression.

A good memory

A conscious mind will undoubtedly enhance your ability to analyze and absorb information. On the other hand, if you’re sleep-deprived, you will struggle to comprehend and focus, let alone memorizing things. These effects are something we can feel by ourselves without needing any scientific facts to enlighten us.

Also, sleep is responsible for your cognizance. Once the fog of drowsiness is clear, you would find yourself thinking and reacting faster than you thought you were capable of.

Combining sharp thinking and long-term memory, what shall we have? Productivity.


When you are physically and mentally healthy, it’s impossible to feel unhappy.

Sleeping Early
Sleeping and waking up early, you have more time in the sunshine

Aside from that, as you rise and shine early, you have the chance to bask in the sunlight. The exposure to sunlight increases the release in serotonin in your body. This hormone will put you in a state of calmness and joy.

Last saying

Have these benefits changed your point of view on how a healthy sleeping habit can change your life? Sleep, after all, is essential for the body to recover from the fatigue it suffers every day, and it mustn’t be disregarded. So please take care of your bedding set and your sleep habit to have the best sleep everyday, so you can enjoy your life more.

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy, wealthy and wise”, said Benjamin Franklin.

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