Waller St. Brewing

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

waller st.png

A little gem, hidden underground in the heart of downtown Ottawa creating refined and exciting local craft beers with a tasting bar in a unique speakeasy environment.

For International Gruit Day, Waller St. Brewing are releasing their Scotch River Sour. Inspired by the Ottawa Valley, Scotch River Sour boasts local birch sap and spruce tips. They soured it with their house strain of Lactobacillus.  Additionally, they decided to brew a special edition of the beer with 24 kg of local honey and aged in virgin Ontario oak barrels. This Imperial Scotch River Sour is a woodland gruit that features an intricate balance between the ingredients and the oak barrels. At 11% it is complex with notes of honey, spruce and a tart, dry finish.