Mountain Town Brewing Company

Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

mountain town.png

Mountain Town Brewing Company makes distinctive ales and lagers in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Mountain Town will be showcasing the following gruits for International Gruit Day:

Love Potion: Brewed to provide energy and happiness, a mix of 9 herbs, berries, roots and spices that also create a loving feel from their unique aphrodisiac characteristics. Rose in color, light in body, with pleasant herbal notes; 6.7% ABV.

Grand Gruit: Ancient Herbal ale that features an array of 10 different herbs, spices, and roots to create a complex variety of flavors ranging from floral, slightly sweet, and refreshing. This ever-evolving recipe is changed slightly each year we brew it; 7.5% ABV.

Vigor Gruit: Blend of herbs thought to help stimulate & focus. Brewed to free your mind while providing a delicious light and flavorful taste; 6.5% ABV.

Sacred Gruit: Ancient Herbal ale brewed with Yarrow, Marsh Rosemary, and Bog myrtle and local honey. Pale ale malt gives it a light, refreshing, and clean taste; the herbs give it a floral finish, 5.8% ABV.

I Am Gruit: Amber ale with a subtle berry and citrus characteristic provided by Juniper Berries & Orange Peel; 6.2% ABV.