On February 1, 2019, craft breweries from all over will raise a glass of their chosen gruit ale and will use the hashtag #GruitDay on social media to boost awareness of gruits. Are you interested in participating? Breweries and homebrewers  are welcome to partake! Click here to sign-up to participate.

Since 2013, craft brewers with an interest in making gruit ales have banded together to mark February 1 as International Gruit Day. The day is intended to pay homage, and raise awareness, to the historical traditions of brewing with herbs and spices in lieu of hops.

Craft brewers are encouraged to brew, release, or enjoy a batch of their chosen gruit ale on February 1 while using the #GruitDay hashtag to "social cheers" the event on social media.

 Make #GruitDay your own, the sky is the limit!

Gruit ales allow brewers to get exotic, innovate, try new things, or tap into their local brewing terroir for inspiration - and that's what craft beer is all about. A total of 62 breweries in 11 different countries participated in #GruitDay 2018 by brewing a gruit and/or hosting a gruit tasting event.

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Last year, the hashtag #GruitDay generated 5,751,550 social media impressions (almost double that of the previous year) leading up to the big moment: an international social media "Cheers!" to the style on Feb. 1.

I'm a brewer, how can I participate in #gruitday?

The international group of botanical brewers would love for your brewery to join in and brew up a gruit for Friday, February 1, 2019 to celebrate International Gruit Day. You will be supplied with International Gruit Day poster art and digital logo. You will also benefit from the promotion of your brewery's participation via Beau's social and traditional media channels – and those of the other awesome participating breweries.

Beau's will promote your brewery’s participation on its social and traditional media leading up to IGD 2019, as well as supply you with a) IGD poster art and b) a IGD digital logo.

If you’d like to get involved, please register here. This website will be updated with the 2019 roster of participating breweries and descriptions of their gruit ales in the early new year.

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Attn Brewers:

We may be able to help you source some brewing herbs through our supplier connections. Drop us a line at info@gruitday to inquire.