Gruit Brewing is part of Urban Farm Fermentory. You will find five dedicated taps of beer (both gruits and non-gruits) in the tasting room.

At Urban Farm Fermentory, they serve kombucha, jun, cider, mead, and beer with a focus on gruits.

List of all Gruits available from Gruit Brewing on February 1:

Saison De Gruit (6%) A light and refreshing ale: light saison spice with lots of bread notes; upfront sweetness followed by a complex botanical taste; brewed with locally foraged herbs including Mugwort, Yarrow and Sumac.  

Strawberry Biscuit Phrase (3.5%) Our yogurt soured Berliner weisse flavored with local strawberries. 

Graft (6.5%) Golden delicious apples and crystal malts fermented together to create a smooth and light apple beer. 

Trippel De Gruit (9%) is brewed with local honey, yarrow and chamomile from our garden. Traditional belgian yeast provides classic trappist flavor. 

Chaga Stout (6%) Earthy dark stout made with local chaga mushrooms. Served on Nitro

Gose De Gruit (5%) Our Saison De Gruit soured using kombucha culture and aged on local dulce seaweed. 

Spruce Tip Ale (5.5%): American Pale Ale brewed with spruce tips from Maine giving this ale a gentle, resinous hop-like character. 

Lavender Lager (5%):  A lager brewed using local Maine malts and Lavender from our garden.  The lavender petals impart floral notes with a warm cinnamon-like spice 

American Wild Red: A wild red ale fermented in sour cider barrels and aged for 2 years. Taste like a traditional flemish red, with our American twist.